Gourmet Alcohol Ice Pops


Lush-Pops - Cocktails à la Stick are five-star worthy ice pops infused with premium champagne and spirits. The Lush-Pops team went to great lengths to make sure that our gourmet cocktail pops use the best ingredients available, using island-grown local and organic fruits & herbs whenever possible. We’re concerned that we meet our objectives of taste and style, and more importantly that we meet yours.

Our cocktails are expertly mixed for taste and balance. Visit our Lush-Pops Flavor Boutique to see a sampling of what amazing combinations you can expect from our gourmet boozy pops, and then contact us today!


Fruit Fusion Cocktail Pops

You like fruit, you like cocktails, you like popsicles — shoot, you like a lot of things. So to help move you more quickly towards all your likings, Lush-Pops found a way to combine the three aforementioned likes into one. More Flavors

Decadent Dessert & Aphrodisiac Cocktail Pops

Lush-Pops has taken careful consideration in selecting the very best decadent, sweet & stimulating ingredients to help make your popsicle & post-popsicle experience a memorable one! More Flavors

Hawaiian Specialty Cocktail Pops

Pope John Paul sampled it during a visit to the Pacific islands. So did former First Lady Johnson. And although it was consumed for centuries by Polynesians, it was not until 2011 that Lush-Pops created the first Kava Bliss Popsicle! More Flavors

Non-Alcoholic Mana Pops

Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some are born old, and some never grow so...Stay forever young and enjoy the amazing Lush-Pops line of all-natural vitamin packed popsicles! More Flavors


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